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We can Source the various kinds of Fabric other than normal yarns. For sourcing, we find proper manufacturers for our valuable customers assessing customer needs and requirements. We have highly experienced and technically strong personnel to handle buying agency operations. Al-Miraj has motto is to provide our customers complete buying solutions,  inquiry , price offer negotiation on behalf of customers &, quality control, production follow-up, assistance in shipments and after sale services. The detailed of our yarn department range can be as follows All possible constructions, widths and weaves of grey and finishined fabrics in 100 % cotton and blends, woven on Air Jet and Shuttle less looms. All fabrics mentioned hereunder can be offered in grey, pfd, pfgd, bleached, dyed and printed forms. Plains 100% cotton carded/combed 100% cotton combed compact 100% cotton open end (auto coro) Blended cotton with polyester/viscose/rayon/organic cotton with certifications.

Twill (100% cotton and synthetics) Satin 100% Cotton and PC (52: 48). Stretch 100% cotton with spandex or Lycra Percales 100% Cotton and PC (52: 48) Sheeting 100 % Cotton and PC (52:48) Flannels100% Cotton Plied Fabrics Slub Fabrics Finished Fabrics (PFP, PFD & DYED) 

Narrow Width Fabrics for Fashion Wear:  
Twills, drills, BFC, Ribstop, Canvas, Stretch Fabrics, Dobby Fabrics, Poplins.

Narrow Width Fabrics for Work Wear:
Cotton, Pc and Cvc fabrics in 1/1, 2/1, 3/1, Ribstop, BFC etc for work wear industry. 

Wider Width Fabrics for Home Textiles; 
Satins, Stripe Satins, Percales, Sheeting’s in 100 % cotton and blends of Poly Cotton. Can offer up to T-1000

Dyes & Finishes
We offer a wide range of dyes and finishes which can be adapted in accordance with customer requirements. The various dyeing options include Pigment, Vat, Reactive, Sulphur and Disperse. Some of the various finishes we can do are Water Resistant / Repellant, Soil and Stain Resistant, Wrinkle Resistant, Anti-microbial, Soft Hand Feel, and Fire Resistant.

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