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DUT Has Been Approved For the New Engineering "Artificial Intelligence" Undergraduate Major

Apr 12, 2019 Shi Jinlu

Recently, the Ministry of Education announced the results of the undergraduate professional registration and examination and approval of ordinary colleges and universities in 2018. DUT has been approved to add “artificial intelligence” undergraduate majors. A total of 35 universities across the country have obtained the first batch of construction qualifications for this major.

In recent years, the competition for talents in the field of artificial intelligence has been hot in the society. The gap of artificial intelligence talents in China exceeds 5 million, and the ratio of supply and demand is 1:10. With the development of the society from informationization to intelligence, intelligent applications are reaching into all aspects of life, and the demand for talents in the field of artificial intelligence is sustainable. Therefore, the establishment of artificial intelligence undergraduate major is the need of students' future advancement, the need for new state of the country and social and economic development, and the value of colleges and universities adapting to the needs of social talents, responding to national strategic development plans, and cultivating first-class talents in first-class universities.

As the new technology driving force, artificial intelligence is triggering the fourth industrial revolution. Many universities at home and abroad have applied for the “artificial intelligence” undergraduate program. MIT established the Artificial Intelligence Institute in 2018, Carnegie Mellon University. CMU) opened the first undergraduate major in intelligent engineering in the United States in 2018; domestic universities such as Sun Yat-Sen University, Nanjing University, Nankai University, Tianjin University, Harbin Institute of Technology, and Dalian University of Technology established the Institute of Artificial Intelligence and applied for the undergraduate degree in artificial intelligence. .

Dalian University of Technology took the opportunity of “new engineering” construction, and oriented towards new technologies in the future, optimizing the professional layout of disciplines. In 2018, it took the lead in setting up the professional direction of “artificial intelligence” and established the “New Engineering Artificial Intelligence Talents Class”, which was declared and won in 2019. The approval of the new specialty of “Artificial Intelligence” is also an important measure for the layout of new engineering majors and the construction of first-class undergraduate courses.

The construction of the “Artificial Intelligence” program in DUT will select a group of students from the relevant students of the 2017 level to form the “New Engineering Artificial Intelligence Talent Class” and train according to the professional direction of “Artificial Intelligence”. In 2019, it will be listed as a formal professional enrollment for undergraduate students. According to the construction concept of new engineering, it will cultivate first-class talents who will lead the future technology.

DUT will vigorously promote the intersection of artificial intelligence and computer, software, mathematics, physics, biology, engineering and other disciplines. With the concept of "disciplinary, technological innovation, professional integration, resource integration", DUT will actively explore "artificial Intelligent +X" and "X+ artificial intelligence" new training mode, fully construct the "artificial intelligence" new engineering specialty, better adapt to the country's social economy and scientific and technological development, and promote the development of artificial intelligence technology and industry, in order to play a leading role in the research and development of talents with moral, intellectual, and artistic development.