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[The 70th Anniversary] The Opening Ceremony of the 70th Anniversary and Launching Ceremony of the History Museum of our University was Held

Apr 17, 2019 Liu Jianing

April 15th is the day of the 70th anniversary of Dalian University of Technology. In morning, the opening ceremony of the anniversary and launching ceremony of the History Museum of our university was held with the attendance of delegate friends, teaching staff, students and representatives of alumni, so as to celebrate this important day.

Attending this ceremony were Wang Hansong, Party Secretary of Dalian University of Technology; Guo Dongming, member of China Engineering Academy; Lin Anxi, former party secretary; Cheng Gengdong, former principal and academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences; Zhang Dexiang, former party secretary; Wang Zhongtuo, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, former vice president Zhang Buqun, former deputy secretary of the party committee Zhang Yupu, academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences Peng Xiaojun, and academician of the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sun Licheng. The alumni include Dong Changhai, the former member of the Standing Committee of Dalian Municipal Committee and former minister of the United Front Work Department, from major of Mechanical Manufacturing; Chen Wenbin, Chairman and CEO of Yinke Investment Holdings Limited, from major of Chemical Machinery; and Bo Dikuo, general manager of Shanghai Chunda Asset Management Co., Ltd. Other staff who attended the ceremony were Party Committee Standing Committee, Principal Assistant, Deputy Chief Accountant, Consultant of the History Museum's Construction, Party and Government Responsible Persons of each School and Faculty, Department Heads and Direct Subsidiary Units, Teacher Representatives, Student Representatives, and Retired Comrades. Mr. Jiang Dexue, Executive Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee hosted this ceremony.

Secretary Wang Hansong pointed out that, holding the activities for the anniversary and setting the museum of the history of our university embodied our political consciousness, overall situation consciousness, core consciousness, and aligning consciousness, meanwhile the socialist road with Chinese characteristics self-confidence, theoretical self-confidence, institutional self-confidence, and cultural self-confidence. At this special time, it is important to set a home, the museum, for our spirit, so as to remember our history; it is important to pursue more achievements and continue our success; it is also important to cherish and inherit our tradition and march forward. Holding the celebration for our 70th anniversary day can help us to clarify out position and perform our duty in the historical trend. We must combine historical thinking with strategic thinking, dialectical thinking, innovative thinking, rule of law thinking, and bottom-line thinking together, so as to draw wisdom, gather consensus, unite strength, and move toward the future. Therefore, we can push the construction of first-class university to a new height.

Chen Wenbin donated 11 million RMB to the university to support its development. Guo Dongming accepted the donation on behalf of the university and presented Chen Wenbin with a donation commemorative medal. At the ceremony, Chen Wenbin expressed deep gratitude to the alma mater for training and said that he will continue to support and pay attention to the construction and development of the university.

Principal Assistant Luo Zhongxuan made an introduction of the preparation of this museum and expressed his appreciation toward those who are caring and supporting this construction. The next step was to develop this museum into a new symbol of our university and an example in this field.

Meng Jie delivered his sincere congratulation toward the alma mater as a representative of students from Faculty of Vehicle Engineering and Mechanics.

Wang Hansong, Guo Dongming, Lin Anxi, Cheng Gengdong, Zhang Dexiang and Dong Changhai lighted up the crystal ball for the 70th anniversary together.

After the ceremony, the leader group, teacher and student representatives, and alumni representatives visited the history museum of our university under the guidance of the lecturers.

At the same time, a countdown board for the 70th anniversary celebration was set in the Music Fountain Square, officially launching the 70th anniversary celebration series. In the following two months, several relevant activities and meetings will be held to celebrate this anniversary.